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#TheRelentless: Roslyn Gauntt

Roslyn Gauntt Q&A with century 21

Q: Everyone has a story about how and why they got into real estate – was there something or someone who introduced you to the industry?

A: My mother and father-in-law owned the first franchised real estate company in North Texas. My husband had his license prior to graduating college. He swore he would NEVER “do real estate.” God’s got a sense of humor, as Tim got back into real estate in the 90’s and soon recruited me into it. We owned two CENTURY 21’s until we merged into C21 Judge Fite. I simply love it. I led the #1 C21 Team in TX in 2018.

Q: It can be an intimidating experience to work with people on the biggest purchase of their lives. Were you intimated? How did you get comfortable with the process?

A: My friends and family find it hard to believe that I still get nervous when I’m meeting new clients for the first time. I think that goes to my deepest respect and understanding that for 99% of the population, their home purchase WILL be the biggest purchase of their lifetime. Additionally, I can’t sleep until I know that I’ve looked at the market from every perspective, from every angle, and under every rock and pot hole!

Q: Being a “Relentless Agent” isn’t just a saying. It’s the above-and-beyond, extra-mile moves that are made every day all in support of our brand mission – to defy mediocrity and deliver extraordinary experiences to clients. What was your motivation to go above and beyond for your client?

A: There’s something internal in me. I want to give my clients everything I’ve got. Many days and nights you’ll find me with two computers going at the same time, analyzing data from two different sources of perspectives. Long before real estate, I was worked for a company that helped provide fund raising consulting for non-profits. It was at that time that my coworkers nicknamed me the ENERGIZER BUNNY, because I keep going, and going. I was recently in San Diego with my husband. We were joking about winning a $50M lottery. He asked me what I would do if I won. I shared that I would want to first find places to minister to others, whether it be through child adoption programs, feeding programs, funding water well programs, etc. But, then I told him I would keep doing what I was going. I’d still want to help friends, family and clients buy and sell real estate! I simply love it to my core! Ultimately, I want each client to become my friend. I know that if I do business in a manner which honors my client and their goals, that they would be happy to call me friend, and I would be honored to have them with me, to do life together, to build more memories together, and to be called one of their friends.

Q: It can be difficult to go the extra mile day after day – what do you do to stay motivated and relentless for your clients? What advice would you give other agents looking to go the extra mile?

A: Don’t give up! Keep a journal, keeping track of your journey. Save your text messages and notes. Each one is a reminder of where you’ve been, the mountains you’ve crossed, the valleys you’ve traversed, the people who have lifted you up along the way, those who you’ve pulled up and helped along. Each story, each person, each experience has helped form me into who I am today, and my ongoing work will continue to mold me into even more of what God wants me to be!

Q: What was going through your mind during your transaction above? Did you know that your work was having such a positive impact on your client?

A: I had known this client for the past 25 years. She had lived out of state for about 15 years. She and her new husband needed to sell her home in OK prior to being able to purchase in TX. He had just recently had back/neck surgery and the physical aspect of the move was taking its’ toll. Unfortunately, the first o buyer for their home had walked away from the purchase just three days before closing. That left them unable to purchase their new home in Texas. They, tragically, had already been packed and ready for the move. So, they went to work, unpacking, restaging and getting their home back on the market. Soon, they were back under contract in OK and I was able to find them another home in Texas. In fact, this second home was another new construction home, their dream home! However, with the timing of their closing and the coordination of their purchase, they were required to sign sale documents and purchase documents on the same day – a Friday. Unfortunately, though, their purchase documents were being signed via a notary on Friday morning in OK for a new home purchase in TX. They had already lost their original purchase contract with a new home construction builder due to the buyer backing out. Now, they were faced with losing another home, as the lender and title company in TEXAS required that the ORIGINAL signed documents be received in Texas, prior to be able to fund their purchase. The ONLY way that they could do both, was to somehow get their purchase documents signed first thing Friday morning in Oklahoma and get those signed documents to Texas the same day. Their moving truck was packed, their buyers needed possession immediately, their own movers were packed and ready, but they had to cross this one big hurdle. Without a house to come to in Texas, they’d have a big mess. So, on Wednesday, I let them know that the impossible could happen. I’d drive to Oklahoma City Thursday after work, stay there overnight, meet them at a title company in OK at 9AM, I’d walk them through the closing documents with the mobile notary, get their signatures, get on the road back to Texas, drive straight to the title company with original signatures by 3PM, so that they might get their dream home in Texas and be able to drive into Texas, along with the movers, and get into their home Friday night. Otherwise, they’d be without a home, sleeping with their belongings, in a moving truck and no place to go!

Q: Were you surprised to be selected as a Relentless Agent? What do you think will be the most enjoyable part of the award experience?

A: I kept repeating the words, “this is crazy, this is crazy.” I work with so many amazing agents, agents that go above and beyond every day of the year – that includes holidays, weekends, weekdays and birthdays. They go to sleep late and wake up early. They miss meals and eat in their cars. They do whatever it takes to meet and EXCEED their clients’ goals and expectations. To think that somehow, something I did stood out amongst others was simply CRAZY to me. I’m obviously very excited about getting to go NY. I’m even more excited about meeting other C21 agents whose drive and focus is Client Centric. I love learning from others, so I want to be a sponge during this trip. Even more so, I’m thrilled that I’m able to bring along my team coordinator, who has worked tirelessly for 17 years to ensure each of our clients feels as though they are our ONLY clients. She is the heart of our team.

Q: What advice do you have for a consumer looking to find a relentless agent in their local market but might not know where to begin?

A: Ask friends and family, whom you respect, to share their experiences with you. Ask them for a referral to their best real estate agent. Good people run with good people! I am blessed that over 80% of my business comes as a result of clients, friends, and family who have referred to me. It is by far the easiest way for me to do business and the most rewarding!

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