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The Joy of Homeownership: Going Beyond Location and Affordability

The Joy of Homeownership: Going Beyond Location and Affordability

When purchasing a home, practical considerations such as location, size and affordability often take the spotlight. However, paying attention to the fun aspects can make the homeownership journey truly enjoyable.

In recent years, there has been a noticeable shift in housing trends, with more people seeking out properties that offer outdoor amenities and spaces designed for leisure and entertainment. People are infusing joy into the real estate experience, from warm fire pits to refreshing pools and spacious backyards to patio dining.

“The rising popularity of outdoor features suggests the pandemic has changed the way we want to live for good, priming the backyard for a 2023 evolution,” according to Zillow.

Outdoors: Working, Living and Entertainment

In today’s fast-paced world, there’s a growing desire for outdoor living spaces that provide opportunities for working, relaxation and recreation. Outdoor kitchens have become highly sought-after features, allowing residents to host memorable gatherings. And with the rise of remote work, having a dedicated outdoor workspace and home gym has become a desired aspect of homeownership, offering the perfect balance between productivity and the outdoors.

Pools and Water Features: Escape from Summertime Heat

A home with a pool is the epitome of summer fun and relaxation. Nothing beats a refreshing dip on a hot day or lounging poolside. Pools provide a serene escape and a great way to stay active and spend quality time with family and friends. Whether it’s a sleek lap pool for fitness enthusiasts or a playful splash pool for children, the presence of water features adds a touch of luxury and endless enjoyment to any home.

Backyard Gardens: Transform Your Oasis

Homeowners are transforming their outdoor areas into personal oases with cozy seating areas, lush greenery and vibrant gardens. They can craft a beautiful outdoor space by carefully selecting various plants, flowers and herbs. Gardening itself is therapeutic, providing a sense of fulfillment as homeowners nurture and witness the growth of their plants. Backyard gardens provide the ability to create a personal haven where beauty and the joy of cultivation converge.

Patios: Dine and Unwind in Style

Patios have become popular spaces for homeowners to unwind and entertain, offering a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor living. Whether it’s a cozy nook with comfortable seating or a spacious dining area for hosting dinner parties, patios provide the perfect backdrop for dining and relaxation. With the rise of innovative patio design ideas, stylish outdoor furniture and decor availability, homeowners can now create their dream outdoor space.

Community and Social Connections: Homeownership Opens Doors

Buying a home isn’t just about the physical structure; it’s also about finding a place within a community. When you become a homeowner, you can connect with your neighbors, join local events and build lasting relationships. Whether organizing a neighborhood block party or participating in community events, homeownership opens doors to a vibrant social life. 

“In 2023, Zillow says to look for outdoor home gyms, natural pools alive with plants, edible gardens and outdoor rooms for dining, lounging and quiet reflection.”

At CENTURY 21 Judge Fite Company, we understand that finding your dream home is about more than just practicality. It’s about finding joy in the spaces you call home, creating lasting memories and building connections within a community. From poolside lounging to backyard gardening and patio dinners to community events, let us help you find your dream home and experience the pleasures of homeownership.

What’s your “fun” checklist? Download the free printable to write down your wants and call us today!

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