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Reasons to Sell During the Holiday Season

In the real estate industry, spring and summer are the traditional go-to seasons for selling a home. Schools are out, temperatures are up and new listings are abundant. So why would a homeowner consider selling during the winter holidays?

For some homeowners, the holiday season presents many unique opportunities to market their home to potential buyers. From holiday home staging to less competition to motivated buyers, there are many beneficial reasons to selling your home during the holiday season.

Holiday Time Off

Throughout November and December, many Americans take their remaining time off to coincide with the national holidays. When not entertaining friends and family, traveling or catching up on television shows, there’s still plenty of downtime to take advantage of as a seller.

This is the ideal time to prepare a house for staging or make any quick, minor improvements to appliances or decor. Once the house is ready to be shown, the holiday season allows for more flexibility when designating viewing times. Rather than sticking to the typical weekend open house schedule, owners can take advantage of mid-week showings to reach even more potential buyers.

Motivated Buyers

As the DFW metroplex continues to grow economically, there is always a need for relocation services during the holidays. January is the prime month for job relocation, giving potential buyers more motivation to find their next home quickly and efficiently.

For some buyers, purchasing a home at the end of the year can include tax benefits, such as write-offs, deductions for mortgage interest or tax credits for real estate taxes. Along with tax benefits, buyers can have their loans processed more quickly as lenders are less busy during the holidays.

Less Competition

Before the holidays are in full swing, many homeowners will consider taking their home off the market. Whether they are hosting family celebrations or traveling afar, they don’t want the stress of selling to linger around. While they wait until spring or summer to list, this period of opportunity is ideal for sellers.

For those who are serious about selling during the holidays, fewer houses on the market is a major appeal. Rather than competing with dozens of similar homes, getting the attention of potential buyers is easier and more frequent.

Decorations and Curb Appeal

There are two types of people in this world: those who hold off on Christmas cheer until Black Friday, and those who hit play on their Christmas playlist at 12:01 A.M. on Nov. 1. No matter the décor that adorns a seller’s house, seasonal design can add that extra pop to professional photos.

It is crucial to follow one rule when it comes to decorating – moderation is key. Overly large adornments and cluttered displays can be distracting to buyers. Sticking to simple, muted holiday colors will help the interior and exterior design flow seamlessly together.

Interested in getting the selling process started this holiday season? Our dedicated real estate professionals are here to guide you every step the way and exceed all expectations.

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