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New Year’s Resolutions for your Home

The holiday season may have come to an end, but there are many things to look forward to when a new year has begun. We frequently hear the “New Year, New Me” mantra and become lost in the pursuit of self-improvement. Personal development goals are unique to every individual, but resolutions for a comfortable, organized and efficient home can apply to any homeowner. It can be an overwhelming task to identify all the help your house needs, so we’ve compiled a list of five simple home resolutions to make over the course of the year.

1. Schedule Routine Weekly Cleaning

Rather than saying you will clean “sometime soon,” setting a weekly goal will make cleaning a priority when the time comes around. Make a checklist of each room in your home with a date column so you can easily keep track. If you have children, turn the housework into an important lesson about accountability by assigning each child a room to clean. Dividing up these responsibilities will reduce the time spent cleaning and allow your family more time together doing something you all love.

2. Clear the Clothing and Clutter

Let’s admit it: we’ve all tossed an unwanted or unused item in a closet without realizing how much stuff we have accumulated. Clutter not only makes it difficult to find the items we need, but it is also not aesthetically pleasing. Put your mind at ease by going through every room and creating three separate piles for things you want to keep, donate and throw away. As the frigid winter weather takes over, warm clothing donations are much-needed and appreciated.

3. Designate a Day for the Small Things

When it comes to our homes, the larger and sometimes pricier projects can take our attention away from the smaller ones. These projects that can be done in little time, but are often procrastinated. To give yourself motivation, make a checklist of all small tasks and take a day or a weekend to complete each one. The sense of relief and accomplishment from crossing off an entire list will feel phenomenal.

4. Safe-Proof Your Home

Being proactive goes a long way when it comes to home safety. Regularly checking your home’s safety features will give you a peace of mind knowing you and your loved ones are safe. Examine all appliances and replace any with frayed or worn wires to prevent dangerous electrical fires. Test smoke detectors and carbon monoxide monitors for proper function and replace batteries if needed. Check all doors and windows to ensure they close and lock properly. If you do not have a first aid kit in your home, compile or purchase one in case of medical emergencies.

5. Review and Reassess Your Home Insurance Policy

An insurance policy is not a one-time purchase. As your needs and circumstances change, it is important to update it accordingly. An annual home insurance review will ensure recent large-scale renovations or even furniture purchases are included in your policy. Failure to update your home insurance policy could leave you paying more out of pocket after realizing you were not fully protected at the time of an accident.

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