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Five Affordable Bathroom Updates

Is your bathroom is causing you strife? Here are five affordable bathroom updates you can make without breaking the bank.

When you’re considering a home remodel, the bathroom may not be the first area you think of. However, if your bathroom is causing you strife, there are some simple, fast and affordable tips at your fingertips. Here are our five affordable bathroom updates you can make without breaking the bank.

Mirror, Mirror on the wall

The mirror is one of the key focal points of a bathroom. If your bathroom mirror is lacking in excitement, there’s a simple fix. Look for an interesting frame that will help your mirror pop. This will draw attention away from the less sightly parts of the bathroom.

Go Heavy Metal

Maintain a consistent aesthetic by choosing one metal for all of your accents. Pick silver, gold, bronze or platinum for all drawer handles, towel racks, light fixtures, faucets and countertop organizers. These small changes will tie your bathroom together nicely.

Details aren’t Fu-tile

Tiles can be expensive, especially if you want something stylish. If you choose to use pricey tiles, stick to just one area of the bathroom like the floor, countertop or inside of the shower. Arrange the tiles that you love in an eye-catching pattern around the plainer ones.

Make your space grout

The simplest step to improving your bathroom is often forgotten. If your space feels dingy, it might be because you haven’t updated your caulk or grout. Clean, white lines around the tub and sink will make a huge difference and is an inexpensive fix.

make it to the refinish line

If your bathtub is causing you stress, you don’t necessarily need to replace it. Instead, consider the cheaper option of refinishing your bathtub. It may take some time and effort, but there are great resources online to walk you through the entire process and save you considerable amount of money.

Interested in hiring a professional contractors, interior designers or plumbers? See our list of preferred vendors here that can help you achieve the bathroom of your dreams.

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