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Summer Savings: Five Ways to Decrease Your Energy Bill

Summer Savings: Five Ways to Decrease Your Energy Bill

The Texas heat doesn’t only make you sweat, but it also leads to soaring electric bills. When the summer sun becomes unbearable, seeking cool relief indoors shouldn’t leave you feeling guilty. Here are five effective ways to decrease your energy bill and keep your home comfortable during the summer months.

Harness the Power of Energy Saver Mode

Instead of turning off your air conditioner when leaving home, utilize the energy saver option. This feature maintains a cool temperature inside your house while conserving energy. If you switch off your air conditioner entirely, the temperature indoors will rise, causing the unit to work harder and consume more electricity when you turn it back on.

Feel the Breeze with Fans

Positioning fans strategically can circulate cool air throughout your home, allowing you to delay turning on the air conditioning. On nice summer evenings, consider opening windows as well as operating fans for a refreshing breeze that can keep you comfortable.

Adopt a “Lights Out” Approach

During the daytime, make it a habit to keep all lights off. Rely on natural light as much as possible to conserve energy and reduce your electric bill. At night, explore alternative lighting options like candlelit dinners or dimly lit game nights to create a cozy and energy-efficient atmosphere.

Embrace the Drapes

Installing heavier drapes, particularly on windows that receive direct sunlight, can significantly reduce the temperature of your home. Close these drapes when you’re away to prevent sunlight from warming up your space and to help maintain a cool interior.

Ensure Your AC Is in Top Shape

Schedule an inspection of your HVAC system to ensure it is operating efficiently without any leaks. Regular maintenance can help optimize performance and prevent unnecessary energy consumption. Don’t forget to clean or replace air filters as needed, as some units require monthly cleanings.

As summer officially begins, allow yourself to embrace this season without worry. With these tips, you can enjoy fun in the sun without getting burned by rising energy bills.

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