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Back to School: Home Office Essentials

Turn your home office (if you’re not using the space yourself) into an ideal learning setting with these essentials.

Back to school season looks very different this year for families across the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. Tough decisions, safety precautions and supply purchases – there’s a lot on everyone’s plates.

Whether your student is returning to the classroom or participating virtually, providing a productive space for them to study is important. Turn your home office (if you’re not using the space yourself) into an ideal learning setting with these essentials.

Create Comfort

If your kids are learning virtually, they will be spending a lot of time seated in front of the computer. Help keep them comfortable each day by investing in a good chair or a lumbar support cushion.

keep Supplies at arm’s-length

One thing COVID can’t stop when it comes to back to school: the supplies list. From pencils to notebook paper to crayons, keep all supplies within arm’s reach. Set up pencil holders on the desk’s surface or dedicate a drawer to school supplies. If they can simply grab what they need, they’ll be likely to save time and stay on track.

Get intentionally Organized

Without a doubt, people are more productive when they work in an organized space. Instead of leaving supplies and papers scattered about, make sure everything has an intentional place. Invest in colorful folders, binders and a paper trays to keep supplies organized.

Have multiple children sharing limited space? Purchase plastic tubs or baskets to store each child’s materials once the school day is over. Label each with a sharpie or label maker and add stickers as a fun way to show each kid’s personality.

choose good lighting

Late night homework or studying can be a heavy strain the eyes or cause drowsiness. To avoid the likelihood of snoozing during study time, having adequate lighting is important. Add a small desk lamp, floor lamp or brighter bulbs in your overhead lighting to help keep your kids awake.

have fun & Decorate

Creative work is done best in a visually pleasing space, so don’t skimp when it comes to interior design. Personalize the office space and make it one where your children actually enjoy spending time. Consider incorporating colors that help encourage learning: green (concentration), orange (mood booster), blue (productivity) and red (energy).

From all of our professionals at CENTURY 21 Judge Fite Company, we wish you a positive and smooth return back to school this fall. We are in this together!

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