Why Judge
Fite Company?


Judge Fite Company is the official kitchen sponsor for Dwell with Dignity. This organization partners with local service agencies that provide families in need with a new place to live. As Dwell with Dignity puts it, its mission is to “help families escape poverty and homelessness through design; one household at a time.” Once the house is in place, Dwell with Dignity takes on the responsibility of turning that house into a home. By providing furniture, decorations, cooking supplies, bedding and more, Dwell with Dignity not only gives these families a new standard of living, but a place where they can all feel safe and loved.

With the support of our Fine Homes & Estates real estate professionals, we provide all the necessary items Dwell with Dignity needs for a kitchen during an installation. We are so proud of our team that steps up every single time to provide these families with what they deserve by dedicating their time and money to support this great cause. With 130 projects complete to date, we know Dwell with Dignity will continue to make big strides in our community, and we plan on offering them support they need along the way.